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[342]Whatever you deliver speaks for you

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At the inception of this year, driven by a thrust of inspiration along with tentative determination, I started to write articles. I was not sure how far I could go. The only certain thing was that I could manage the writing within the expected short ranges of date ahead of me, due to the writing topics that I was quite familiar with, namely English learning, interpretation and so on.

It was just like a Penelope’s web when you woke up in the early morning realizing you have to write at least one passage a day. To alleviate the daunting apprehension at times, at the outset, my strategy was to jot down whatever came to my mind in the process of writing. Indeed this was mind-easing, and it helped me survive early stages of writing.

However, deep in my heart there was the voice that, “in writing, you are not likely to satiate the needs of your own and the need of the public if an article is to be well read and spread”. That is, there will be trade-off between the topic you want to write and the quality required for a passage to go viral.

But all the way along, I been working pretty hard to be a juggler trying to achieve coordination. Such necessities grow as the number of subscribers of my WeChat Official Account rise to a record high over 10,000.

Last week I talked with a friend of mine in Beijing, he said, you should ensure that every passage of your public account well organized and prepared, from every trivial detail including the layout and diction, to the selection of the related photos. Make every bit of information valuable to the reader because in the myriads of feeds, he/she takes the time to open your passage and therefore deserves a rewarding piece of information.

This gave me great inspiration. I remember what my supervisor used to tell me when I graduated from school and went to work. He said whatever you delivers speaks for you. That is, in your team, the result you produce and present to others is the symbol representing yourself. Your credits builds on the quality of your work. If you always fail to live up to others’ expectation, you are most likely ended in a bleak career prospect.

The principle is simple, but to understand and fully implement is by no means easy. For thousands of times our laziness and inertia tends to binds us from taking the initiative and achieving excellence. We often pause halfway towards perfection with the rationalization such as this is already good enough, I am tired and I need a break.

However, in the field work of team collaboration, team success can only be achieved when members go all out. An individual’s credit also builds on the long term quality of delivery.

Make every detail counts.